About md5 Checksums and Digital Signatures

Md5 Checksums

The md5 sums offered on this page can be used to verify that your file downloaded successfully without corrupting in transit. These can be verified (usually on the command-line) using specific instructions for your operating system as detailed below:

Instructions for Linux
Instructions for Mac OS X
Instructions for Windows (2000 or higher)

In each of these cases, you can compare the output of the command to the md5 sum in the file (in the table, next to each download file).

Digital Signatures

The digital signatures on this page can be used to verify that your file was created by me, and hasn't been tampered with, either on the web server, or in transit to your computer. Checking these is more dificult, so I have decided not to include instructions here because they'd have to be very long to do it justice. Instead, please carry out a search on how to verify GPG signatures if you wish to learn how to do it. I will provide instructions in documentation for my programs when it is created.

As a programmer, I am inclined to say that you should always use both the md5 sum and the signature to verify your downloads, but the average user probably doesn't know how to; if you aren't concerned about it, don't worry too much about it.

Downloads For WxFixBoot

This is the next major version of WxFixBoot. It adds tons of new features, such as support for Fedora, and support for LVM and RAID disks! It also offers better support for LILO and ELILO, and will create recovery boot entries for computers using them. The whole program has been written to handle errors better and operate more robustly.

This version features a redesigned GUI, written for ease of use, and it runs much more quickly than before. All information is gathered on startup now, so WxFixBoot can warn you about potential problems before they become problems, making this the most reliable version of WxFixBoot to date. If you liked the last version, you'll definitely like this one; it does everything v1.0.2 offered, and more, and it does all of these things better than before.

In conclusion, I'm very happy with the program, and I hope you like it as well!

You can check out my other packages at www.launchpad.net/~hamishmb/+related-projects

For the latest news on WxFixBoot, and a detailed breakdown of the new features in this release, head to my blog at http://errormania.altervista.org/

Download Files

Icon Description Download No. Of Downloads
Copyleft Ubuntu Logo WxFixBoot v2.0 For Ubuntu 17.04 All Systems (md5sum & signature) 6
Copyleft Ubuntu Logo WxFixBoot v2.0 For Ubuntu 16.10 All Systems (md5sum & signature) 27
Copyleft Ubuntu Logo WxFixBoot v2.0 For Ubuntu 16.04 LTS All Systems (md5sum & signature) 7
Copyleft Ubuntu Logo WxFixBoot v2.0 For Ubuntu 14.04 LTS All Systems (md5sum & signature) 28
Copyleft Ubuntu Logo WxFixBoot v2.0 For Ubuntu 12.04 LTS All Systems (md5sum & signature) 12
Linux Logo WxFixBoot v2.0 For Fedora 23 Or Higher 64-bit (Recommended) (md5sum & signature)
32-bit (md5sum & signature)
8 and 5
Linux Logo WxFixBoot v2.0 For Parted Magic All Systems (md5sum & signature) 14
Linux Logo WxFixBoot v2.0 For Other Linux Distributions All Systems (md5sum & signature) 18

Older Versions?

Want to download an older version? Head over to the Museum.


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